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Leagues, Hi-Five, and Lil’Kickers

 ($20 annual membership for all Leagues and Classes; excludes Hi-Five Camps )


Summer League 2018 Registration is Open! Sign-Up Now!

Register Online NOW for Summer Season 2018, Starts First week of June!

Use Green button above or blue link below to register.

We are starting our Summer Adult League first week in June 2018. You can Register a team, add yourself to a Maracana Free Agent team, or you can Join a specific team once your Captain has created it online. If you are new to our leagues at Maracana you will be required to sign a waiver once a year in our new DASH system.

Boys and Girls High School/Club Leagues starting soon!

Register Now!

Boy’s and Girl’s High School/Club ranges in age between 14-18 years old. There are two seasons of the High School/Club, Spring &  Summer 2018.  To register a team, please click on the below link and add your team and pay $50 deposit that will be applied to the team fee.

As of January 2018- Youth-High School League costs $500 team fee plus $10 youth league annual membership per player.

Spring 2018 Schedule: 

  1. - Boys Start- Friday, June 8th – End-Friday,  July 27-Aug. 3rd

  2. - Girls Start – Wednesday, June 6th- End -Wednesday August 1st

For further information, please contact:

For Girls (14-18): Jess;  [email protected] ; 520-370-6435

For Boys (14-18): Mladen; [email protected] ; 520-235-7094

Pick – up Soccer

Pickup Soccer:

Check Maracana Tucson Facebook Site or Call (520) 235-7094 for more availability for Pickup soccer.

Before entering field you must fill out a waiver online with our Dash Online app or in person on our computer kiosk.


  • 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm LARGE FIELD (Coed Pickup)/person ( Large Field )

  • $5 (with annual membership) $10 (without annual membership)

  • NO CLEATS  and No Gum ALLOWED.