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Leagues, Hi-Five, and Lil’Kickers

 ($20 annual membership for all Leagues and Classes; excludes Hi-Five Camps )


Fall League 2018 Registration is Open! Sign-Up Now!

Register Online NOW for Fall Season 2018, Starts Second-Third week of August!

Use Green button above or blue link below to register.

We are starting our Fall Adult League Second-Third weeks in August 2018. You can Register a team, add yourself to a Maracana Free Agent team, or you can Join a specific team once your Captain has created it online. If you are new to our leagues at Maracana you will be required to sign a waiver once a year in our new DASH system as well as pay the annual $20 membership fee.

Boys and Girls High School/Club Leagues starting soon!

Register Now!

Boy’s and Girl’s High School/Club ranges in age between 14-18 years old. There are two seasons of the High School/Club, Spring &  Summer 2018.  To register a team, please click on the below link and add your team and pay $50 deposit that will be applied to the team fee.

As of January 2018- Youth-High School League costs $500 team fee plus $10 youth league annual membership per player.

Spring 2018 Schedule: 

  1. - Boys Start- Friday, June 8th – End-Friday,  July 27-Aug. 3rd

  2. - Girls Start – Wednesday, June 6th- End -Wednesday August 1st

For further information, please contact:

For Girls (14-18): Jess;  [email protected] ; 520-370-6435

For Boys (14-18): Mladen; [email protected] ; 520-235-7094

Pick – up Soccer

Pickup Soccer:

Check Maracana Tucson Facebook Site or Call (520) 235-7094 for more availability for Pickup soccer.

Before entering field you must fill out a waiver online with our Dash Online app or in person on our computer kiosk.


  • 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm LARGE FIELD (Coed Pickup)/person ( Large Field )

  • $5 (with annual membership) $10 (without annual membership)

  • NO CLEATS  and No Gum ALLOWED.