We offer soccer leagues for all ages and experience levels. Below is a description of each level and start dates for upcoming seasons. Weekday games are usually played from 6pm – midnight, however sometimes we start at 7pm if league size permits. The last game starts at 11pm (M-F), on Saturdays games start at NOON and finish at 11pm.

Each Season a deposit of $50 required to reserve your spot.

PLEASE come 15 min earlier, GAMES will start on the hour mark

Normal length Seasons Include: 7 Regular Games  + 1 Playoff game

Men’s A ( Mondays ) – Starts mid-August 2018

Women’s  Open (Wednesdays- 7-10pm) – Starts August, 2018

This is considered a recreational Women’s League, however includes all levels of players and will be competitive. Often if we have 8 teams we do one round robin and then split into two divisions for playoffs, A and B. If you have questions about our women’s leagues, please contact – Jess, the Women’s League Coordinator, at [email protected]– or Call- 520-370-6435.

Men’s B/C (Thursdays ) – Starts mid-August, 2018

COED ( Saturdays- 12pm-11pm) –  Starts mid-August, 2018 

Youth: (Sundays)- March 2018

Most Youth League Games run on Sundays (from March until September), but there are a few exceptions. Please Contact Mladen Kozak, for more information at (520) 235-7094; [email protected]