League Registration, Payment Options, & 2018 Season Calendars

 Registration Instructions:

ALL teams must register online at least 5 days before the league starts. The new team registration requires the team Captain’s contact information, a team roster and any special notes/request for the team. The team roster of at least 9 players is required by the first game of the season.

Additionally, each player must sign the Maracana waiver online through DASH. This waiver is now electronic and online. The youth waiver form is distinct because anyone under 18 needs to have a parent or guardian signature prior to their participation.  Players can be added to a team roster only after they have completed their waiver. We require a copy of birth certificate or state id for participation in Youth league as this is an age division league. See Youth League for more information on youth league cost and team fee payment details.

We now complete all of our waivers,  team registration, and payment online through the dash system.

Create an account, register, and fill out waiver here: waiver-image

Payment Options for Adult Leagues:

There are 2 payment options for our indoor soccer leagues on the main field:

  1. A. One $700 payment for the entire team covers all players (max. 15 players) or each player can pay his/her portion of the fee before or at the first scheduled game.  A $50 dollar deposit is due with registration form to hold team spot. The advantage of the team registration fee is that it can make overall cost per player less (depending on number of rostered players) and guests do not have to pay because the team fee is paid before or at the first game.

  2. B. Or, individual payment of $80 per player per team (min. 9 players). This should be paid at player’s first game or paid over the first four games: $20 the first game, $20 the second, $20 the third, $20 the fourth (a total of $80 per individual).

Payment for options A and B are due by or at the first game.

GUESTS: All guests should check in at registration desk, sign Maracana waiver, and pay guest fee of $10. Guests do not count as rostered players so cannot play for playoff games. If a guest is joining the team they need to advise registration desk staff and discuss payment options within the first half of the season.

Please contact us if you have any questions about the payment options available.

General Regulations of the Game at Maracana:

At Maracana we follow the US Indoor Soccer Rules: US Indoor Soccer Rules

Maracana Rules & Restrictions:

1- All league participants are REQUIRED to check-in and sign a waiver prior to entering field to play. Players should check in every game.

2- As of January 2018 a membership is required for all players. Membership pricing: $20 individual ($40 family). Non-members and players with an expired membership are ineligible for games, clinics or classes and cannot be on a team roster. Substitute players may purchase a $10 Temporary Day Membership instead of annual membership. All participants must have a current, signed waiver form can be completed online  or  in person.

3- ALL players must be listed and paid-in-full on Roster (front page) and have played 3 games, (before playoffs) to participate in playoff games. GUESTS do not count, players must be on ROSTER to participate in playoffs.

4- Must be at least 16 years of age (with parent permission) to participate in Maracana Sports adult programs. No exceptions.

5- For sanitary reasons, NO Spitting on our fields. A blue card will be given to players who spit on the fields.

6-No call, no show will be charged $25 dollars.  Day of cancelations count as a forfeit and will not be rescheduled.

7- Any individual can join a House Team* (must be paid when added to a roster); House Teams have a minimum of eight players and a maximum of 12 players. *Maximum of six male and six female players allowed on Co-ed House Teams. First-come first–served.

We always encourage fair play and sportsmanship. If at anytime a player or spectator threatens, verbally or physically abuses another player or patron, they will be required to leave the premises. It is at the Owner’s or Manager’s discretion related to the circumstances as to the length of the ban from premises (ranging from one day, 1 month, 6 months, 1 yr, or permanent ban from Maracana premises).

Warning: A red card may be given if a player is caught chewing gum or spitting on field. 


Goalkeeper: The goalkeeper must wear colors that distinguish them from all other players.

Shin Guards & Socks: Are REQUIRED for all players. Socks must be worn over shin guards. All league participants in a youth league are REQUIRED to wear shinguards and have a waiver signed by parents prior to participation.

Jewelry: A player may not wear jewelry (watches, bracelets, hats etc.) that are dangerous to themselves or other players. This may be at the discretion of the referee.

NO CLEATS are allowed on Maracana fields. Turf shoes, indoor shoes or running tennis are all acceptable. Please ask if you are not sure.


2018 League Calendars: