Girl’s High School/Club League (ages 15 and up)

Girl’s High School and Club usually ranges in age between 15-18 years old. This league principally runs during the summer time (see the 2017 Women’s League Calendar for specific dates). In the past this group has joined the Women’s League, however due to high demand of league we often need to make a separate league for this group. If you have a team wanting to join during the Spring season starting in March, before summer, most likely you would combine with Women’s B League on Wednesday evenings.

For further information, please contact Jess Z., the Women’s League Coordinator.

[email protected]


Basic House Rules:

1- All league participants 18 an under are REQUIRED to have a waiver signed by parents prior to participation and wear shinguards.

2- NO cleats are allowed on Maracana fields.

3- ALL players must be listed/paid-in-full on Roster (before playoffs) to participate in Playoff games.