Program Policies

Program Information & Policies:

Program 11-12-week sessions (50-minute, weekly classes)

Trial Classes

All first-time trials for Lil’Kickers classes are free of charge. (Only one free trial class per child). Customers may only do trials in classes that have space available. Parents can either request a free trial through our website or call ahead of time to schedule their child’s free class with Lil’ Kickers Coordinator Chris 520-589-0024.

 * Our Skills Institute Program is by invitation, as players should be moving from Lil’Kickers Classes to Skills Institute Classes by a Coaches recommendation. If your child is new to Lil’Kickers and Skills Institute, please contact Chris for best placement for a free trial.

Role of a Parent Parent-

Participation: Bunnies, Thumpers Your coach will use parent-directives to lead you in helping your child learn new skills and gain confidence! Only 1 parent per child is allowed on the field at a time.

Parent-Interaction: Cottontails You start the session on the field and your coach will progressively encourage your child to participate independently throughout the session.

Parent-Encouragement: Hoppers, Big Feet, Jackrabbits, Micros Parents are expected to be present cheerleaders, standing or sitting on benches during class. Sitting or standing on the field is prohibited as it limits space for activities and discourages the child-coach dynamic.

Coaches: We do our best to keep your coach consistent and appreciate your patience in the event of a class coverage or new coach assignment.

Uniforms: Uniforms are issued at your first sign-up for a full season. They are also available for purchase. See front desk with any questions.

Hydration: Remember to have water for your child! Water breaks are taken as a team. To minimize class disruptions, we ask that you encourage your child to wait until water break time (half-way through the class).

Bring-A-Friend! We encourage you to Bring-A-Friend to class! The more friends your child has to play with, the better group experience can be offered in your child’s class. Of course, friends are able to have a Free Trial of the class if they were not previously enrolled.

Weather: There are no days off in Lil’ Kickers! We run our programs, rain or shine. If you decide not to come due to weather conditions, you are able to make-up the class. (See our ​Make-up Policy) Check for Holiday breaks on website –

Make-Up Policy: In the event of a missed class, you can schedule a make-up within the same season in a class with space available. ​Make-ups do not transfer to another season and refunds/credits will not be given for missed classes​. Please contact the Front Desk at 520-589-0024 to schedule your make-up.

Refund/Credit Policy: No cash refunds. Maracana credit only. To request a credit, email Chris Bennett at [email protected]​.  Requests must be in writing. Credits may be issued for the remainder of the season based on the request date (date email received). Missed classes are not available for credits, please do your best to make-up any missed classes. Memberships are non-refundable.  

Class Closures Classes must have a minimum of three children by the end of Week 2. A class with less than three children may be closed or combined with another class. ​Bring-A-Friend and keep your class open!


Spaces in classes are not guaranteed without payment. Partway through the season, we will hold a priority registration for current customers to re-register for their current classes. At that time, should you desire to change classes for the next session, you may ask to be put on a wait-list and will be contacted just before registration opens up to the public, to let you know whether we were able to register you for your preferred class.

Discounts (Only one discount may be applied during registration of 8 or more classes.)

Sibling Discounts*  – Siblings are defined as children that reside in the same household and are under the care of the same parent/guardian. After one child is enrolled, the discount is 15% for additional siblings enrolled during the same session.

Military Discount*- Any parent or guardian who serves in the military can bring their military ID card and get a 10% for their child/children.

Discounts must be redeemed in-person when registering. They are not available online. Only one discount may be applied during registration.


Customers may transfer their child from one class to another (at same location) at any point in the session. All class transfers are dependent upon space availability.  If transferring from Lil’Kickers to Skills Institute, please be aware of the price difference and that you will need a coaches recommendation for the transfer. The client is responsible to pay the difference when transferring a child to Skills Institute.

Private Classes:

Private classes can be formed with approval from Lil’Kickers Coordinator, Chris Bennett.

Classes must consist of a minimum of 5 participants to be formed.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Should My Lil’ Kicker Wear to Class?

Your Lil’ Kicker should dress comfortably in clothes that are easy to move around in. Shorts or track pants and a t-shirt. We suggest in the colder months to layer as the building gets cold, but they will warm up once they start moving around. Please note that we don’t use cleats on the indoor turf: flat soled shoes or tennis shoes work perfectly! Unfortunately, your Lil’ Kicker will not be able to participate in class if they are wearing cleats. For Jackrabbits, Big Feet, Micro and Skills Classes, we suggest Shin-guards and Socks.

What Should We Bring to Class?

Make sure to have those comfortable clothes, flat soled shoes,  socks, and don’t forget a Water Bottle!